Free shipping for anything over $750-1000

Not sure how much control morph market has over this but anything over $750-1000 should include free shipping for how much we paid for the animal.

Shipping varies wildly from place to place and depending on the weight of the animal.

Shipping is definitely up to the seller.


Agreed. Morphmarket shouldn’t be forcing free shipping on sellers.


Actually… a few more points for @vinyl69 to understand where sellers are coming from…

If you go to ship your reptiles, you can play with the quick quote options and get an idea on prices.
You can’t just drop an animal in for shipping normally. There’s regulations that need to be followed.

Not only that, but your seller is also buying the boxes, insulation and heat packs. Whatever shipping materials are needed.
Have you ever seen the wooden boxes that NERD ships their larger reptiles in? I don’t even want to think about how much they pay to ship the big reptiles.


I shipped a 15 pound blood python recently. The shipping would have been more than the snake without the discount from ship your reptile.


If MorphMarket made this a thing people would just raise the base price of the animal based on what a shipping cost might look like.

As an example, lets say you are a seller in California, you go to a shipping quote site, check the prices for shipping a small ( <5 pound ) box

Do you pick the 50$ for a “nearby” shipment?
Or the 120$ for a shipment to New york?
What about shipping insurance, do you add that to the animal price too?
What if shipping prices increase?
What if the animal grows and needs a larger box?
All these factors would affect the price, and for a seller to keep breaking even/profit would require possibly many price adjustments.

Because if you dont pay shipping, the seller has to, which cuts into the money they make (and im pretty sure most sellers arent exactly rolling in money, most of the money gets put right back into caring for the seller and the animals

If this is something you really believe in, there are a FEW stores that have things like this on their policies, but in most cases it is $1000-1500+ from what I’ve seen. You can slways support them vs another seller if they sell what you want


How much was it minus shipping?


He was $250 before shipping.