Freeway or Highway?

I have seen plenty of different freeway and highway combos. They all look very similar. I was just wondering what most people prefer and why? I know theres quite a bit of price difference between the two and I’m curious as to why that is aswell. They really dont seem that different.
Trying to decide what I want to do my toes into.
Would it be fine to get both and keep the lines separate? Or would it matter? Are there asphalt gravel combos?
Thanks for any input

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Freeways tend to hold their colour/intensity better as they age whereas Highways tend to wash out. The same holds for the superforms.

The price difference is partly due to that and partly due to Asphalts being slightly newer in the hobby.

There are plenty of breeders out there working with both lines but yes, it is important to keep them segregated from each other. Both morphs are basically indistinguishable from Yellowbelly and from each other so if you made an Asphalt/Gravel when you bred it out you would never know what the offspring were (unless it was bred to something like an Ivory)


Thank you for the info!
You have a very good point I did not think about with them being impossible to tell apart.

I was told early on in my time in the hobby that Freeways were AsphaltxYellowBelly combos and Highways were GravelxYellowbelly.


I personally prefer freeways for the contrast.


As a couple other have mentioned there is definitely more of an contrast in colors with the freeways. As far as different combos yes there a lot of freeway/highway combos. From the freeway side I would suggest Billy from Mutation Creations youtube channel. Not only has he done a video in the last week or so detailing numerous freeway combos, I would say he is also the primary producer of them in North America.

The asphalt gravel combo is called a pavement, it looks very similiar to either a super gravel or super asphalt.

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