Friend needs help with cornsnakes

Hello! My friend is interested in getting a cornsnake and has a bunch of questions would LOVE if you guys could help me out with this.

this is a list.

do they bask?
if so what temperature?
How big do they get?
Where should I buy supplies?
What supplies do I need?

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They don’t typically ‘bask’ like a turtle or lizard (although some might), but they do need a source of heat for digestion. Basically any heat source, other than heat rocks, can work for a corn snake, but make sure to control the temp with a thermostat. They don’t need high levels of heat - only about 87° Fahrenheit is good for digestion. The rest of the enclosure should be room temp.

Most corns max out at 3 to 5 feet.

You can buy the supplies from a pet store, reptile store, expo, or used.

Supplies can vary based on how you want to keep them. At a minimum, all corns need a secure enclosure (bin with clips, glass tank, etc.) They need a source of water, several hides (can be simple things like little boxes or toilet paper tubes or can be bought cave style hides), substrate (aspen is my preference, but they can do well on a variety of types), and a source of heat plus thermostat. Ideally they’ll also be provided climbing opportunities, like branches.

If your friend wants to start with a baby, I would recommend starting off simple to get the hang of care. A 6 qt bin with multiple binder clips and holes melted into the container works great as a temporary baby home. Once the snake outgrows it, then they can be moved into a more elaborate set up (if that’s the route your friend wants to take).

Feel free to have them make their own account here if they want to ask some more questions. Might be a bit easier!


THis is a guide on Reptifiles for Corn Snake Care. Have your friend study it, and the corn snake guide on South Mountain Reptiles.

Those are both good sources as far as I know just yet, and your friend would definitely be welcome here if they make their own account and have any questions for the Corn Snake Experts here. (I’m not one myself so pointing to expert work is the bet I can do)