Frilled Dragons

Good afternoon all,

I’m looking for someone who has some decent knowledge on frilled dragons, there’s not a lot of information online :confused:

Knowledge on breeding, substrate, humidity etc. I’m based in the UK so our temps and pressures are different from the US.

Thanks in advance.


I would personally recommend contacting Acacia Reptiles. He’s a bit of a smaller local breeder, but he’s very knowledgeable.


I’ve been studying, researching, keeping and now breeding all localities of Frilled Dragons. They’re my specialty! Acacia Reptiles and I ( Outback Shack ) both work with Australian reptiles and he even started talking with me about them :slight_smile: I’m about to try out their Solaris 12.0 LEDs actually

You can email me or other and I can provide all knowledge you want and / or need, anything Frillies!


Oh, do you live in upstate NY? I ask because I recognize outback shack and acacia reptiles from local expos like REXPO and the Syracuse Reptile Expo.

Awesome, what’s your email? I’ve got tons of questions if you’re up for it…

Make sure you guys don’t publicly post your contact info- just exchange DMs. :wink:


Very good catch :wink:

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