Frog Diet (pacman,pixie, tomato)

Does anyone keep these types of amphibians? All three are from different family’s,. Ceratophryidae, Pyxicephalidae, Microhylid. They are kind of similar in care and diet with some differences. Correct me if I’m wrong but The tomatoes I think have smaller mouths but they all eat kind of the same. My question is feeding these frogs things other than insects, obviously the pixie is a much larger frog and are known to eat small birds in the wild along with smaller mamals. Is it beneficial to feed them an appropriate FT now and again or even somewhat regularly? Also what do you personally feed your frogs on a regular basis? I’m mostly crickets and dubias and occasionally earth worm.

I’ve had all three species and very very rarely fed the pacman and pixie frozen thawed and tomatoes do indeed have smaller mouths and are kinda similar to chubby frogs. All three species did very well on mainly a insect diet but a subadult to full grown pixie will benefit from a frozen thawed meal every now and again.

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I have kept Pacmans for several years feeding mainly depending on the age, younger more frequent feedings, older less frequent feedings.

I have fed

Catfish filet
Dead in the egg Hognose
Hickary Pac Attack

You obviously want to go easy on fatty food such as feeder rodent which should be offered as a treat on occasion.