Frog moss for leopard geckos

Does frog moss work for a leopard geckos humid hide? I got 2 pieces and it looks like it has roots underneath. Does it require soil or will it live from just being sprayed with water?

I’m thinking about putting some in a Tupperware container to go in the tank to increase humidity and look nice.

I’m not sure living moss would grow well in a tupperware container, without a light source. I’m also not familiar with the Frog Moss product. Maybe someone on the forum that cultivates moss might have some input?

For a humid hide, there are a ton of options available. If you are diligent about frequently changing it out, you can use moistened paper towel. Dried sphagnum moss is resistant to mold and a common choice for a humid hide. In the past I’ve used sponges as well. A few of my geckos have huts with clay basins for water that act like caves.

Tupperware is definitely a great choice for a humid hide container. Just be cautious about using a particulate substrate in the humid hide. (I have lost a gecko that ingested perlite from her humid hide lay box.)

Edit: forgot to add that my geckos almost completely stopped having shedding issues when I bought a smart humidifier for my reptile room. Just that tiny bump in humidity made all the difference.