From the starting line again

Ps: im french canadian, english is my second, sorry if its hard to read. XxxXxx

Hello everyone! I’m from Canada Quebec.
It is not my first rodéo, but i somewhat feel like it is.
And let me tell tou why by introducing myself a bit ^^

32 years old, owned snake for many years. (Morelia bredly, python woma, bci, bp, yellow ratsnake and others )

But the thing is, years ago i had to stop.
Or more like someome made me stop.
My fiance and the time has gone violent and i ended up in the street. (Not there anymore).

Since then, medication and helped from specialist to keep me alive and sane in this rollecoaster of life. But those meds affect my memories…so i have huge gap , blank , in my mind. :confused:

Today, planing on coming back to the hobby.
Even with my experience.
I hope you would indulge me, i somewhat feel like a noob only cause of this memories/blank/gap issues.

Good exemple would be, im doing prep to get a Bp from a local breeder. And I knowww how to take care of it. Its “easy”. … and then i go "oops forgot the temp have to note dat, oops forgot the exact humidity level i needed, check and jote dat ". sigh.

So yeah i basically NOTE everything now.

I have my enclosure, temp gun, and everything needed.
Im aslo a crafter and an artist, so im going to do awesome “natural” looking hide for the habitat.

So … it is me…nelka,
Love you all already
Thanks ^^


That’s one heck of a story, I’m sorry to hear about the struggles that you’ve endured, but it’s crazy awesome that you’re here now and back at it!
I am certainly no special representative of the herpetological community, but just as one fellow keeper to another, allow me to welcome you back into the community.
You have a place here. :grin:


Thank you very much its very appreciate ^^ <3


You’ve certainly been through a lot. Sometimes a blank slate is better with reptiles as so many things change over time and hard to get out of habits so use it up your advantage :blush:

So welcome back to the hobby, I hope you share some of your creations when done :crossed_fingers:

What species are you thinking of going with first (this time round)?


Im going to start with a Bp
But i will eventually searsh for a bleu beauty ratsnake wich always been a favorite. And probably for a Atb too ^^

Oh sure :wink: i will show and if it goes well , explain how to make em too ^^