Frozen Rats for Rat Snake

Hi there, I am based in PMB and I am battling to get frozen rats. There is one supplier in PMB that I shall never darken his door again after 2 ball pythons died within days of eating live mice as we were battling to get them to eat the frozen obtained from said store.

We then found an outlet in Howick but they only sell mice and refuse to get rats or even larger than pinky mice.

Where else can I try that I do not have to drive to (Hillcrest is a tad too far) to get dinkum frozen rats.

I am not going to get another Ball Python until I find a reliable source of frozen rats.

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Have you considered having them shipped to you? If you only have one snake, might not be worth it.


There are a lot of companies that will ship right to your door! Not sure if I’m allowed to list them, but I use one and have always been very happy with them


These guys beat me too it, i was gonna say delivery, and for me i found that not as advantageous only because the quantities i saw were well over what id use. I try get enough for the month, to hopefully cut down on it getting freezer burn, icing up or just getting old since i only own 3 snakes. I think the quantities i saw were like 25+ but i didnt look at every supplier tbh, i just assumed they’d be similarly packaged. The delivery does seem nice though so i don’t have to take hours out of my day to take the bus to the pet store, like it could be 30 minute wait 30 minute trip and 10-15 at the store then another 30+30 so delivery would be handy for me probably you as well.

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You should check out Big Cheese Rodent Factory, it’s well worth it!

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From the areas OP mentions, it sounds as if they may be located in South Africa. I believe Big Cheese does offer international shipping, but there are also multiple frozen rodent suppliers within South Africa that appear to offer shipping as well. Granted I don’t have any experience with those myself, I just don’t know how much I would trust an international shipment of frozen rodents (or want to pay whatever it may cost to ensure they get there in an appropriate state).

As those before me have, I would also recommend considering ordering from a supplier and having them delivered!


Oh! Sorry I didn’t read carefully enough.


Thank you, I did not mention it but you are correct that I am in South Africa. :grin:


I asked my friend in South Africa who is a good supplier. He recommended ultimate exotics - He said they can also courier.


Thank you I will go to their web page and check them out.