Funky baby leopard gecko

I’m pleased to show off my very first leopard gecko hatchling, and it looks pretty cool!

Both mom and dad are bold bell albinos. Dad is from tangerine lines and is pos het eclipse. Mom is a lavender bold, mack snow, het eclipse.

This being my first leo hatchling, I’m not quite sure what to expect for its progression. Off the bat, it’s looking like a mack snow with a touch of pigment on the lats. I didn’t get a super good look at the eyes yet, but they arent fully pigmented like what you’d expect with an eclipse

Anyone have any thoughts on this little one? Have you seen anything similar? I’m so excited to raise it :raised_hands:


Super cute!
I think you did hit an albino snow here. Very little yellows and a beautiful purple. The stripes should darken up more as the little one grows. But they can always surprise us. Lavender will be a wait and see I think.

If it’s an eclipse, the eyes will just look a solid red, otherwise the eclipse can also cause a ‘snake eye’ where there isn’t a solid red eye, but the pupil may look a funny shape or crosseyed because only part of it gets that solid red.


Congratulations! That’s always exciting to get your first baby! I agree that it’s likely an albino mack snow. I would love to see updated pictures as it grows.