Further generations inbreeding in snakes

hi, ive heard that breeding siblings in ball pythons is alright but not recommend
how about grandma and grandson ?
i have a pair whos perfect for each other genetically and conformation wise but their related
the male is the females grandson
would the kins or deformations appear as often ? what do u guys think ? i wont breed them unless its ethical


I think you are going to get a wide response. You can pair just about anything related at any level. I try not to do siblings. In some cases you might need to in order to figure out what you have. Doing these pairings are not the same outcomes as humans.


The genetics in reptiles are a bit more forgiving than in mammals. So an occasional inbreeding isn’t as likely to end up with issues… there can definitely be exceptions though.

Generally, you still do need to be mindful of these things and keep good notes if you do. The more you are inbreeding a line, the more risk of genetic issues popping up. I try to avoid it whenever possible

I would still personally never recommend breeding direct siblings. The genetics are too similar and that would be the most likely scenario to result in issues. Half siblings are typically the only times I might consider. But never the same two parents.
In order to establish the possibilities of a new gene or polygenic trait, breeding parents to offspring will occur as the most common pairing. After that you ideally would outcross those offspring and so on to strengthen the lines again after the inbreeding.
Grandparent to grandchild is fairly safe and you should be fine as long as it’s not something that you continue breeding back into family genes immediately after.


thank you so much!


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I would say if there is a specific reason for pairing related snakes (for instance, testing out a gene that only those animals are suspected to carry) then you can breed them. If there is an option to pair an unrelated animal instead, I would always pair unrelated.