Future BP breeder from Seattle!

Hi everyone. I am Rowan from Seattle. Below is my personal BP Persephone chilling in her favorite place. I work in the games industry and ironically do a lot of work in Python.

I am fascinated with the community and these beautiful animals so I decided last year I would get into breeding. I got a huge ARS 1x7 level rack and am planning to get my first breed project animal next month! I want to experiment with 8 ball and mahogany. I have such a blast with my girls bioactive tank so I am going to do what I can to emulate that in my giant rack system. I am experimenting with a few ways to get grow lights and spray nozzles in each bin. My girl also loves to dig her own hides so there will be plenty of substrate room to make dark and cozy spots away from the lights.

Anyway that’s what I have going on!
Nice to meet you all~


Welcome to the community! Best of luck with your projects. I’m a fan of mahogany - hoping my lesser mahogany x albino mahogany pairing will produce at least one suma for me this season. Again - welcome to the club!

Welcome! My racks are all bioactive :slight_smile: unfortunately ive yet to get any plants to stay alive due to low lighting and snakes crushing the poor plants, but having it set up for isopods, springtails, and predatory mites is a good layer of defense and helps you to keep everything properly moistened. Best of luck in your projects!

I’m going to document my planted tub experiments so I’ll keep the community updated. I have never considered adding predatory mites. Do they maintain a good population in your tubs?

They stay in the top soil for the most part except for when i water the soil, so i couldnt give an acccurate count, but i see about 1 for every 20-30 springtails i see. If you watch out for pests, they arent strctly needed, but id say its better to have them and not need them than to wait for a snake mite breeding boom, then have to wait for a new colony of predators to widdle them down. Best for an established colony to kill any that enter your system.

Welcome to the community Rowan! Persephone is a beautiful pinstripe :heart_eyes:

It’s very cool you have a bioactive going on. Don’t be afraid to share that on the forums! I know I am not the only one who loves to see bioactive setups for BPs and ask all the questions about them, ha-ha.