Future breeders from West Virginia

We are a mom and son team that plan to breed ball pythons in the future! We spent the past 2+ years breeding exotic praying mantids. Setting up at expos, we feel in love with ball pythons!

A HUGE thank you to every breeder on MM that allows a payment plan! We have purchased 29 (soon to be 31) balls on MM since June…ALL on a payment plan. We did have one sale we backed out of as we felt the breeder wasn’t being truthful. We lost $75 on that deposit. But we learned to always go with your gut. Every single purchase has been perfect!


Welcome to the community​:wave::blush:

Although on here it is just myself, I have a father and daughter team going on with my snakes. She helps any time anything needs doing.

Wow, you have taken “go hard or go home” to a new level :muscle: make sure to post pictures as you finish the plans and receive them :blush: