Future pair and housing question

Found a mate for my yearling female today. It’s gonna be a long while before i get to breed them, but i am excited to see what i get out of the matching.
The female

The male

What the morph calculator says the possibilities are.

Now i have a question. Since the tank i had planned to use for the new male is being used for a winter supply of lizards for my black racer, it’s either house him with the female for a few months or go and purchase a small plastic habitat for him.
The female’s habitat is really too large for her anyway and has lots of hides and plants. Just not sure if they would be ok together or not. This is her current encloser.

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I’m slightly confused on the calculator. What is the pairing? The calculator looks like amel, het amel (not possible), anery, red factor, motley x hypo, miami.
I think it would be best to buy a large storage tub for the male for temporary housing.

The first 3 in the top pic are the male’s traits, next 4 are the female’s traits.

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I understand now, I looked at it wrong.

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Definitely do not house them together. Go out and purchase a tub for the male. Or if your black racer will eat f/t lizards, cull them and clean it for the male. You could also get a different habitat for the lizards. Either way housing them together is a bad plan, especially since you are supposed to quarantine them. There is also always a chance for cannibalism.


The lizards are overloaded in a 20 long, probably close to a hundred, so i’ll go get the male a tub. The black racer is a pig and eats probably 5 to 10 lizards a week if you let him. I had to stock up to get him through the winter months when we don’t have lizards everywhere. The male is only 10 inches so he doesn’t need much space. Probably more comfortable in something small anyway.

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You could brumate the black racer since he is a North American native colubrid that would do that naturally in the wild. Would be better than cramping a ton of lizards in that small of an enclosure.


Living in Florida brumation requires a cooler and my cooler is full already. If i could get the racer to eat mice it would be problem solved, but he won’t touch them. Actually doesn’t break my heart that he only eats free lizards instead of mice that cost money the way he eats lol. Other than 2 or 3 winter months i can easily catch 20 + lizards a day on my front porch. The new tank i bought for my male today only cost me $20 including a water bowl. He will be much happier in a small tank then in the 20 long anyway.

Wild caught food shouldn’t be fed since they almost always have parasites. I would recommend you find a captive bred feeder seller and get your snake parasite tested and treated.

I treat all of the lizards for parasites before feeding. While it’s not 100% the racer is wild caught, so treated lizards are better then he had in the wild.

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