Future pairings

I have pairings planned for this season and next season and I was wanting thoughts/ opinions on them. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

leopard geckos ( what i find to be the most confusing offspring wise )

inferno w&y x emerine
sunglow x W&Y

Ball pythons

banana pied x ODYB het pied
pastel pied x pastel het pied
albino pied x enchi het pied het albino
banana x black pastel het albino het pied
banana clown x black pastel het clown
and possibly (need opinions on this one or advice on other pairings) lesser pastel clown x cinnamon het clown

retics ( wont be for a long while )

orange glow het snow x white phase sunfire
orange glow het snow x high orange purple phase
orange glow x purple GC


albino superconda x ex red albino
albino superconda x het albino

do these sound like good planning? just wondering from more experienced people if I’m going in the right direction. thanks yall!


Leopard Geckos:
You don’t have super high demand offspring so you might have some trouble selling them as more than just pets.

Inferno W&Y x Emerine, all of them will have the possibility to be emerine and/or inferno as they are polymorphic (not mendelian inheritance) traits. Half of them will inherit the W&Y morph.

Sunglow x W&Y, Sunglow is made up of Tangerine, Super Hypo, and Tremper albino so really the pairing is: Tangerine Super Hypo Tremper albino x W&Y, all of them will be het tremper albino and have the possibility to inherit tangerine and/or super hypo. Half of them will inherit W&Y

Ball Pythons:
You seem like you have solid pairings, your Pastel Pied x Pastel Het Pied doesn’t produce super unique offspring and you might have trouble selling the offspring.
Lesser pastel clown x cinnamon het clown, this seems like a great pairing, you get a lot of variety and you shouldn’t have any trouble selling as the worst you can get is a het clown. If you have any trouble identifying the hatchlings you can always ask on here.

They seem like good pairings as far as I know but @mnroyals will be able to help you better with that.

Albino Superconda x Extreme Red Albino, all offspring will be Anaconda, Het albino, possibly Extreme Red Albino

Albino Superconda x Het Albino, All will be Anaconda, half will be albino and the other half will be het albino.
I don’t know much about hognoses, so I can’t tell you whether or not these offspring will be high demand or not.


Hognose have been steady gaining popularity the last few years.


I would replace the pastel pied with either your albino or banana pied. I would lean towards banana it will be a tough go selling double hets if your new and not well established. You better invest in a feeder colony because that will be a lot of babies!


Also I wouldn’t be using this guy at all when you have a banana clown and a banana pied. In all honesty if your really trying to breed a single gene banana male is kinda dead weight. Now if he’s your pet and you like him then keep him. But from a breeding standpoint you have much better options.


that’s true, I never even considered that, and I think you’re 100% correct on the single gene banana as well.


thank you so much for the breakdown! especially on the leopard geckos. that part was the one confusing me the most by far! I appreciate it a lot


Which are the males and which are the females? I’ll be able to give a little better advice with that information.
And which do you own right now?


Male is the orange glow het snow

I would do inferno wy x inferno or inferno wy. Its a good morph why dilute it.
sunglow x wy I seen and its a nice combo.

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I would stick with him as your main breeder then.
Get a visual Purple or White Albino Female with hopefully another inc-dom gene as well, like Sunfire, Motley or GC.
And I would get another female visual Anery hopefully Het for a line of Albino as well.
That would give you the best chances of proving your male out for the Het Anery, and at worst you make hatchlings that were guaranteed Het Anery and from the other female guaranteed Het a line of Albino.

If you’re looking for one female and not 2, I would go with a visual Anery Het Albino of some kind and hopefully another gene.
That’s what I would do with that male.

Is the White Albino Sunfire you have now a female?


For sure, and we’ve been trying to get the sunglow x W&Y to go but our guy just can’t seem to figure it out :joy:

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Yes that is a female and that actually sounds very solid of a plan


yes it happens too all of us. Just make sure she is ovulating.

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Nice, that’s a great female to have for him.
I would definitely look into getting a visual Anery female then. 2 retic clutches is a lot to work with just starting out, and from there you’ll have plenty of holdbacks to raise up and continue towards your goal.
Keep us updated on this thread with your plans, you have some nice stuff in the works man.


She has been it’s just his first year and he’s just kinda clueless, I may just pair her with my inferno male

Appreciate that a lot, a lot of passion and time is going to be going into all my clutches!

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