Futuristic friday

Looking at the hobby as a whole especially for those of you that have been in for years and seen it evolve first hand what are you excited about seeing in the next year or 2?

For me and I know it’s already hugely popular, but it’s clown. I am more blown away every day by this gene. So much has been done with it already but there’s still SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. All the Leopard Clown spinoffs, amazing.

It’s great with color changers, it’s great with pattern changers, it’s good light and dark. It is the FUTURE!!

What else do you guys think is going to be huge in the next year or 2?

Definitley the Desert Ghost is gonna have a huge impact in the next 2-3 years…I am also super interested in what the puzzle and sunset gene bring to the table and there is still so much to come to light…and cant forget about Monsoon, I’m not a huge fan of it but its coming

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D.G. Is a great callout I didn’t know much about it until a couple months ago but I agree that’s gonna get huge tons of potential.

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