FWC is a Growing

Just sharing an updated photo of our FWC. She’s growing like a weed and has an insane feeding response! :laughing: She doesn’t really appreciate being handled, so taming her down is a slow going process. Regardless, she’s beautiful IMO.


How do you think these guys normally are? I have heard that they can be awesome at handling. What types of handling calming techniques are you using? I would love to have one in the future.


She just has a strong feeding response. Once she’s out, she settles down some (eventually) and her inquisitive side comes out. Initially, I was using a hook to remove her from her enclosure, but that was more to practice and hone my technique than anything. She is crazy fast and can cover a lot of distance in the blink of an eye. Truly one of the more unique snakes that I keep.


That is why I love them :wink:

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She’s so beautiful! I really love FWCs. They’re pretty high up on my wishlist, I hope to get one within the next couple years.