G-Stripe, Black Pastel & Enchi, Oh My!

Rare Genetics has been hard at work and has recently produced three new Ball Python tests:

  • Genetic Stripe
  • Black Pastel
  • Enchi

Run any single gene test for $65 or the whole panel of all 14 mutation tests for $120.

The full list of Ball Python tests currently includes: Albino, Asphalt, Black Pastel, Candy/Toffee, Clown, Enchi, Genetic Stripe, Gravel, Hypo, Lavender Albino, Piebald, Spark, Specter, and Yellowbelly.

Don’t spend years trying to prove out your animals when you can find out within a few weeks.


I like that this is also seems to confirm that Cinnamon is also it’s own gene and not just a polymorphic line bred Blk. Pastel. Unless there’s a blurb with more detail I’ve missed somewhere… or cinnamon ends up being like the second YB gene they found. lol


Not necessarily, RGI might not have done enough tests on confirmed Cinnamons to make that judgement yet… unless my tired brain is not connecting some dots here.


Oh that could be true.
They were super thorough on the 2x YB genes, asphalt and gravel. I guess I jumped the gun a bit.

Either way, it’s neat! Enchi can be so low expression sometimes. So that’ll be neat regardless.
Hoping for fire soon as well. Then I definitely have a couple I’m tempted to get tested.


That’s awesome! Fire/Vanilla complex tests will be great moving forward…