Gargoyle gecko new set up

I am getting a Gargoyle but moving the viv to a room which is a little colder. It will be a hatchling and am proposing to put it in a 12x12x12 to let it grow a bit before moving to larger viv. However i want to provide heat ( either mat or bulb) but unsure of best option. My concern would be a UVB bulb (5° Uv 15w ) would overheat the Gargoyle. Any thoughts and advise would be appreciated


Since they are arboreal animals, using a heat bulb is best. The temperature in the hot spot should not get warmer then the high 70s or low 80s. Make sure that only one portion of the enclosure is at this temperature, with cooler areas as well. The warm spot is only necessary during the day. UVB lighting is not required by Gargoyle Geckos so long as they are provided with D3.


Thanks for the response. Would the UVB be too strong in such a small Viv?


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