Garter snake breeder

Hello everyone! New to morph market. I specialize in breeding garter snakes. I work with many different species and morphs. Excited to be here!


Welcome to the community! Do you have any favorite snakes in your collection you’ll willing to share photos of? :grin:

HI Welcome to the community. Glad to have someone experienced with garters here.

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Never had an appreciation for garters out of the wild until i recently saw all the different morphs and patterns there were for them, and with them being live bearers, im sure it makes breeding a little easier since as long as you can keep the mother healthy, you should get babies just fine. Been on the fence about them, but seems theres more potential than i thought

Awesome I would love to see pictures! I have loved garters for years but none of my family or friends like snakes so it wouldn’t be practical when I go out of town.

Hello and welcome to MM.
Garters were the first snake I ever came in contact with back when I was 4yrs old.
That’s pretty awesome you’re involved in those, don’t see that as often as we should.

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