Garter snake enclosure size?

I want some garter snakes and I will be getting 3 females to house together as they do better in groups. I have a tank but it’s a 4ft x 2ft x 4ft (upgrading my carpet python to a 6x3x6 so the smaller one is empty now). Would they use all that vertical space or should I just invest in a shorter tank? I tried looking online and most people just use short tanks and some use tall ones, just wondering if they really use all that vertical space?


You’d likely have to start with something smaller unless you’re getting adult females, they’re itty bitty as babies and faster than anything that small has reason to be. That said, garters love climbing/exploring and if you give them branches, ledges, cork hammocks, whatever, they will probably use it!


Babies would vanish into that. I’d grow them out until they’re about a foot in a 20g, and then move them in. They will use that vertical space if there’s lots of good climbing branches and a background. Try putting some ledges all the way up the back, they’ll love the different perches!


Oh yea I’m definitely not gonna put them in there as babies lmao. And yea I have tons of branches, ledges, and hammocks so once they are old enough it should be a great garter mansion lol