Garter Snake Traits - Category upgrade! [PENDING] [1626]

In preparation to promote Garter Snakes to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.

For each of these, we need to know what kind of gene it is (recessive/incdom/dom) OR what combination of genes represent it.

Please add anything that is missing or correct me where I am wrong.

If you know anyone that works with Garter Snakes, send them a link to this thread and ask them to help out.

As this is such a huge group to work with, I have broken them down into groups along with their scientific name for clarification.

Each group has its list of known morphs within (if they have any).

Aquatic Garter Snakes - T. Atratus

Oregon Garter - T.A.Hydrophilus

Diablo Range Garter - T.A.Zaxanthus

Santa Cruz Garter - T.A.Atratus

Blacknecked Garter Snakes - T.Cyrtopsis

Eastern blackneck garter - T.C.Ocellatus

Western blackneck garter - T.C.Cyropsis

Tropical blackneck garter - T.C.Collaris

Common Garter Snakes - T.Sirtalis

Texas Garter - T.S.Annectens

Red-Spotted Garter - T.S.Concinnus

New Mexico Garter - T.S.Dorsalis

Valley Garter - T.S.Fitchi

Califorinia Red-sided Garter - T.S.Infernalis

    • T.S.Lowei

Maritime Garter - T.S.Pallidulus

Red-Sided Garter - T.S.Parietalis

Puget Sound Garter - T.S.Pickeringii

Blue-Striped Garter - T.S.Similis

Eastern Garter - T.S.Sirtalis

Chicago Garter - T.S.Semifasciatus

San Francisco Garter - T.S.Tetrataenia

Eastern Garter: - T.S.Sirtalis


Albino (rec)

Silver (rec)

Granite/axanthic (rec)

Melanistic (rec)

Florida (Dom)

Flames (co-dom)

Erythristic (Extreme Reds) (rec)

Anerythristic Eastern (rec)

Golden Eastern (rec)

Leucistics (rec)

Mohr anerythristic (rec)

SCHUETT STRAIN albino (rec)


New York Paradox Albino (rec)

Florida erythristic (rec)

Midwest Albino (rec)

High Red flames (line bred)

Snow Eastern (melanistic x albino) (combo)

California Red-Sided Garter: - T.S.Infernalis


Hypo (rec)

Neon Blue (line bred)

Blue-Striped Garter: - T.S.Similis


True Blue (Dom)

Red Sided Garter - T.S.Parietalis


Anerythristic (rec)

Golden/colorless (co-dom)

Blue (rec)

Kansas strain albino (rec)

Iowa strain albino (rec)

Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes - T.Elegans

Arizona Garter - T.E.Arizonae

Mountain Garter - T.E.Elegans

San Pedro Martir Garter - T.E.Hueyi

Coastal Garter - T.E.Terrestris

Wandering Garter - T.E.Vagrans

Upper Basin Garter - T.E.Vascotanneri

Mexican Garter - T.E.Eques

Laguna Totolcingo Garter - T.E.Carmenesis

  • T.E.Cuitzeoensis
  • T.E.Diluvialis
  • T.E.Insperatus

Northern Mexico Garter - T.E.Megalops

  • T.E.Obscurus
  • T.E.Patzcuaroensis
  • T.E.Scotti
  • T.E.Virgatenuis

Mexican Wandering Snake - T.Errans

Wandering Garter - T.E.Vagrans


Melanistic (rec)

Chocolate (rec)

Eastern Plains Garter Snake


Anerythristic (rec)

Axanthic (co-dom)

Christmas Albino (rec)

Piebald (non genetic)

Aztec (co-dom)

Hypo (rec)

Red hypo (rec)

Iowa albino (rec)

Illinois albino (rec)

Nebraska albino (not compatible with Iowa or Illinois)

Super Christmas = Iowa albino x Illinois albino ??? (Combo)

hybino = Iowa albino X Red hypo (Combo)

true snow = iowa albinos X anerythristics (Combo)

snow = Illinois albinos x anerythristics (Combo)

Blackbelly Garter Snakes - T.Melanogaster

Gray Blackbelly Garter - T.M.Canescens

Chihuahuan Blackbelly Garter - T.M.Chihuahuanensis

Lined Blackbelly Garter - T.M.Linearis

Mexican Blackbelly Garter - T.M.Melanogaster

Checkered Garter Snakes - T.Marcianus
  • T.M.Marcianus
  • T.M.Praeocularis
  • T.M.Bovalli

Western Ribbon Snakes - T.Proximus

Chiapas Highlands Ribbon - T.P.Alpinus

Arid Land Ribbon - T.P.Diabolicus

Gulf Coast Ribbon - T.P.Oranius

Western Ribbon - T.P.Proximus

Redstripe Ribbon - T.P.Rubrilineatus

Mexican Ribbon - T.P.Rutiloris

Ribbon Snakes - T.Sauritus

Bluestripe Ribbon - T.S.Nitae

Southern Ribbon - T.S.Sackenii

Eastern Ribbon - T.S.Sauritus

Northern Ribbon - T.S.Septentrionalis

Other Garter Snakes

Bogerts Garter - T.Bogerti

Shorthead Garter - T.Brachystoma

Butlers Garter - T.Butleri

Goldenhead Garter - T.Chrysocephalus

Conants Garter - T.Conanti

Sierra Garter - T.Couchii

Montane Garter - T.Exsul

Highland Garter - T.Fulvus

Giant Garter - T.Gigas

Godmans Garter - T.Godmain

Two-striped Garter - T.Hammondii

Liners Garter - T.Lineri

Tamaulipan Montane Garter - T.Mendax

Southern Durango Garter - T.Nigronuchalis

Northwestern Garter - T.Ordinoides

Tepalcatepec Valley Garter - T.Postremus

Yellow-Throated Garter - T.Pulchrilatus

Plains Garter - T.Radix

Rossmans Garter - T.Rossmani

Narrow-headed Garter - T.Rufipunctatus

Madrean Narrow-Headed Garter - T.Unilabialis

Long-Tailed Garter - T.Scalaris

Short-Tailed Garter - T.Scaliger

Sumichrasts Garter - T.Sumichrasti

West Coast Garter - T.Validus

Mexican Pacific Garter - T.V.Celaeno

  • T.V.Isabellae
  • T.V.Thamnophisoide
  • T.V.Validus






albino (Checkered)

albino flame (outcrossed)


amelanistic (florida blue)

amelanistic (Iowa)

amelanistic (Kenton County)

amelanistic (sirtalis)

amelanistic (Nebraska)



blue morph

brown & red morph

dark morph


florida blue

golden (eastern)

granite (Checkered)





red albino

red morph



snow = amelanistic + axanthic

snow (Iowa) = amelanistic (Iowa) + axanthic

snow (Nebraska) = amelanistic (nebraska) + axanthic

snow (sirtalis) = amelanistic (sirtalis) + axanthic

Line bred:


Schuett Snow?




Albino (Checkered)
Granite (Checkered)

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I’m guessing Albino (checkered) is recessive…?
Same for granite?

yes, both recessive.

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Your a superstar :metal:

I think you can still go on Scott felzers old site had the list of all the genes!


So does the updated list look better?

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