Ge 100% silicone

Is this type safe for my snake?

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Yes as long as you let dry properly and give it extra time for the smell to go away.


Awesome thanks


If it has mold inhibitors in it then no, but if it lacks those then it’s safe


Yes, the picture says it has a 10 year mold guarantee. Find one that is 100% silicon with no mold inhibitors.

Use GE 1. Have used it for years on aquariums. Has a strong odor so do it in a well ventilated area and give it 24-48 hours to cure.

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I guess I’m still confused because even the sb1 says 7 year mold free, so doesn’t that have mold inhibitiors?

Most likely yes. In my experience finding GE silicone without mold inhibitors is nearly impossible so I just buy aquarium specific silicone. I think it’s more expensive but it’s honestly not that much. I’d rather my animals be safe and short a few more dollars then have them all sick.


I have found it at ace hardware, I just go and read packages, it’s usually less expensive then the one’s with mold inhibitors.

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Does ge sb1 exist? I’ve looked everywhere and I can find sb1 but it says 7 year mold free. Can someone help me here?

If you want pure silicone, you will likely need to buy aquarium safe silicone. I personally have never seen GE silicone without mold inhibitors, mainly because all GE silicone is meant for things like bathrooms.