Gecko Bundle - Food, Bowls and Stickers

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Donated by: KLW Reptiles (Kinzie Wilson

Contact email:

Item: Gecko Bundle - Food, Bowls and Stickers

Package includes:
2 oz. bag of Papaya Pangea Diet
3 oz. bag of Bee Pollen
Set of 1.5 oz. Silicone Bowls
Set of 4 stickers
$47.75 Value

Starting bid: $20 (Please bid in increments of $1)

Who pays shipping?: Seller covers shipping

Bidding directions:

Auction winner will send their winning bid amount to (via Friends & Family) and then post screenshot proof of the donation in comments under this auction. Once verified by an admin the poster and seller (see email above) will need to contact each other for shipping details.

Overtime will start in the last 5 mins of the auction, if no bids are placed in the last 5 minutes, the donation post is over, if someone bids within the last 5 min that will start a new 5 min clock until we go 5 min with no bids.


Iā€™m bidding $50


congrats @redrhac the Gecko bundle is yours for $50!

Please follow these instructions carefully.

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