Gecko genes?


My daughter wants to get into breeding leopard geckos. What are the must have genes for these wonderful little creatures?

I’m brand new to breeding leopard geckos, but in my opinion there are no must haves for genes. If she finds any genes that she likes and falls in love with, then she should breed those. It’s no fun if you don’t like what your producing. To answer your question though the Tremper albinos are super popular and works great with pretty much any other gene. The eclipse gene is also a super cool eye changing gene.

I would say any codominant gene such as mack snow or white and yellow. You could breed these to a normal and get 50% snows or 50% white and yellow. And if you get two snows and breed them you can get super snows, which is one of my favorite morphs! Just make sure you are keeping the lines clean and not breeding mack snow to gem snow or Tremper albino to bell albino

I agree that they’re aren’t any must have genes, just avoid getting any geckos labeled as “lemon frost” or “enigma”. Lemon frosts are prone to cancer and enigmas are prone to developing severe neurological issues that make it hard for them to get around and eat


I think that you can let your daughter find some cool morphs that she loves (make sure their from a reputable breeder) it’s super fun to breed leos especially if you love the colors your breeding!

I can tell you from years of breeding experience the things that sell best year after year are Mack snows/super snows, bell line albino, high contrast anything, stripes/reverse stripes, red eyed geckos, enigmas, and Super Hypo Carrot Tails (SHCT) that are high orange. Looked at sales for the past 6 years and those were the things that sold the fastest every year.
That being said breed what you like. If you have quality animals they will sell. Ignore fads and chasing the latest things. If you need a further break down or explanation of different things feel free to ask any questions you may have