Gene ID help

Hi All.
I am hoping for a little help with identifying the genes in these lil ones.
They have all shed and should be coming up on their 2nd shed shortly.
We are trying to make our smartest hold back choices and place any others up for sale on MM.
Any help would be appreciated.


Sire: Banana Cinnamon Pinstripe
Dame: Cinnamon GHI Mojave



This is a challenging one! Here is my best guesses.
1-super cinnamon, banana, poss. Mojave?
2-definitely pinstripe, then probably ghi, cinnamon
3- Super cinnamon, Mojave?
4-banana, cinnamon(maybe Mojave, but looks more cinny to me)
5- banana, ghi
6- super cinnamon, banana?
Just my best guesses! Good luck


Lighting is a bit hard to ID everything…
Best guesses:

1 banana super cinny
2 cinny pin GHI
3 super cinny…I wanna say GHI from the spot on the neck. But may just be paradoxing with Mojave?
4 banana cinny
5 banana GHI mojave
6 banana super cinny

Awesome looking clutch!


Thank you for the response. Definitely helps. #1 has got me the most messed up cuz of how orange it is and i simply can find any comparisons on MM. even looking at sold ads.

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Thank you for responding. Wondering the same thing on #3 as well. Also #6 as it has some lite spots as well. Oh the joys of stacked gene identification!


I took another look at #1. I think the stripe down the back may be pinstripe. If the color is a lot more orange than the sibling banana super cinny than it looks to be here, Mojave may also be there. Which makes that one pretty sweet.

Totally feel your pain on the stacked genes though! I hatched a mystery last year for me.


Then decided who to sell and who to hold back all while hoping you guess correctly :exploding_head: