Gene identification

So I assume this is a Mojave Pin. Just has a slight different look as other Mojave pins so I want to make sure.

Sire - Ghi
Dame - Mojave, Pin Spider :spider:


Unless there is something else that we do not know about if say you are correct on your guess. Could just be a slightly different Mojave pin then what you are normally used to just like how there are different variations of some combos or even some single genes. A good example of that is the clown gene. All meet the same terms of criteria for that gene but you see alot of them look slightly different.

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Cool. Thanks for helping out :+1:t2:

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That is for sure a mojo pin


A nice mojo pin

For sures on that one my friend

Pics of parents? That’s a weird jigsaw

It looks more like a busy GHI pinstripe to me :thinking: very neat looking baby

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