General Rules For Sizing Snakes As Feeders

Purely out of curiosity from seeing YouTubers and such feeding snakes to their snakes, is there a general rule of thumb when determining the size of the feeder snake for your snake? It looks like sometimes the snake they’re using as a feeder is nearly the size of the snake being fed. With rodents and other mammals as feeders, it seems the general rule is a feeder about 1-1.5x as thick as the fattest part of your snake (obviously not applicable 100% of the time). With a snake as a feeder, if you stuck with that rule, then the feeder could be as big or bigger than the animal you’re feeding. How would one determine the right size snake to feed a snake?


In my opinion it would be based on weight and general size. I wouldn’t feed a very long colubrid to a shorter python but I wouldn’t want to feed a very girthy python to a much smaller python. I would make sure that it’s not too long, that would be my biggest concern.