Genes and triats list

I may be overlooking them, but I can’t find Cherry Bomb or Corcra in the list anywhere.
Can they be added?

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Cherry bomb as in a banana bel?

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I don’t see Aquila either. Sorry Spending a lot of time on Calculator lately.
It really helps to see what the pairing results are on calculator and look up the morph’s
on MM to see what they look like. Research and development.

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A Cherry Bomb is an Albino Super Mojave. A pinkish white snake with pink eyes.

I think I broke the calculator. It won’t let me use it anymore. Says it is being overrun. LOL!
I’m having a slow day at work, so calculator time. Sorry guy’s.

It’s listed when you use the calculator.

You can find it under one of the base morphs that make the combo. If you click on mojave or albino and filtered your search to only show super mojave + albino, listings for Cherry Bomb would come up, if there were animals with those genetics listed.