Genetic Freak

This girl is my freak of the year. She is a parado Super Phantom 100% Het Anthrax. Now she could have some other, underlying genes as well, such as Goldenchild, Super Sunfire and Tiger.

I still cant believe I hatched this girl out, she is 1 in a million, and one of the most unique retics I have seen produced in a long time!


Will you be keeping her?

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Honestly Amazing.
Just showed the other half and he loves her! :heart_eyes:

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I just got a “she is beautiful but your not having her!” :sweat_smile:


You just gotta sneak her in… That’s what he did with the tarantulas we used to have, knew I didn’t like spiders, snuck them in without me knowing :triumph:
Or you put a deposit down and then tell them later and get a ‘Really? :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:
Too late then! She’s coming home! Haha

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did you sneak them back out? :laughing:

Can we please see the parents?
I’m interested in what produced this.



Only if I could own a retic…
Only if FL allowed retics…
Only if you lived close, I could visit…

Lol :joy:


She is amazing! :heart_eyes: Likely the best retic I have ever seen.

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I do have her available at the moment.

Here is the Mom.
She is a Phantom Goldenchild Sunfire

Here is the Dad, he is worlds first and only Phantom Suntiger Anthrax.


The head of this gal is something neat for sure! You produce some super nice retics!

Firstly, she is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Secondly, I had no idea there was a morph called Anthrax, that is awesome! Are there Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth as well? :metal: