Genetic ID help please

I bought this girl at a reptile expo and I was told that she’s the first of her kind. Her mom was a coral glow, and Dad was a red stripe yellowbelly leopard enchi Mohave. I was told that my girl is a Coral Glow Red Stripe Leopard Yellow Belly. I really hope that she is what they said, I plan to breed her.


It’s tough to say because, Yes. That does look like the first one to hatch with that particular geneset.
But from some of the color and pattern…
I feel like there’s a pretty good chance that there’s mojave in there. Obviously CG, which does make some IDing difficult. I can see leopard or YB in there. Redstripe I’m not as familiar with but looking at a couple mojave redstripes that have been on sale on morphmarket, that seems right.

Regardless, that’s a beautiful noodle.


Hey @jadedgreatdanes! That’s one incredible baby you have there and welcome to the community! I know absolutely nothing about BP morphs but I am sure hoping she is everything you want her to be and more!

And just out of curiosity and yes to be nosy :face_with_monocle::joy: do you by chance have a Great Dane @jadedgreatdanes? :thinking: My dream snake is a wild type retic but my dream dog has always been a Great Dane! :heart_eyes:


I agree. That looks like Enchi Mojave based on the side pattern. Sure the Coral Glow intensifies the color, but Enchi Mojave is very specific looking. Can you provide belly pictures as that may reveal the YB better?


Hi! Thank you, I’ve added more photos to the original post. If the lighting isn’t good enough, I can take more tomorrow in natural lighting.


Lol, yes I do have Great Danes :wink:… they’re the best! I used to have Retics - I love them, but they just get so big - my husband is not a snake enthusiast and it took me 13 years to finally get him to agree to get her, so I didn’t want to push my luck :four_leaf_clover: :rofl:


To me I see the Mojave, leopard and because the pattern is pushed up and dorsal lines and dripping I would say red stripe as well. Of course it is coral glow, I couldn’t tell you if yellow belly is in there with the rest of the genes and especially the coral glow so you can’t really tell much by the color. It does have a lot of flames, but red stripe and Mojave can both have great flames in the spaces of the side pattern. So I would be good with coral glow, Mojave, leopard, unsure about yellow belly and I don’t see any Enchi in it. This is just my opinion and guess though. I love the dorsal stripe and all the colors on the lower sides! Nice animal!


Yeah I have a husband who was a little difficult to convince at first and I adopted the “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”! :joy: attitude!

That was 17 snakes ago….

Keep us updated with your plans for that little beauty! She will make some awesome babies one of these days! :heart_eyes: