Genetic issue

Hi i recently aquired a woma female,unbenown to me she had been looked to a spider male before i bought her.She laid 5 eggs which hatched and are aprouching the first shed.On close inspectioneach one has a spinal kink near the vent and they canot right themselves if placed on there backs.I know these are spider issues.Can anyone tell me the best way to humanely dispose of these ,as i dont think they will have a good life.Sadly and reluctently Tony.I am really upset at having to do this,but realise it has to be done sometimes


We have talked about it a few times on the forum. This discussion gives you some good options.


I highly recommend consulting a REPTILE vet before you do anything with these 5 little babies. There may be other options for these little guys other than death. If not, the vet can humanely end their lives. I stand behind what I am saying because I worked for a reptile vet for several years. So believe me, there could potentially be other possibilities for the babies such as re homing with knowledgeable people who are willing to work with health challenged reptiles……

Best of luck to you and your sweet little noodle friends. :heart::blush::snake::lizard::frog:


Thank you i plan to do just that regards Tony


Not all hatchlings will immediately right themselves regardless of morph. They’re all a little goofy at that age. Also… You don’t mention how many of the hatchlings have spider or woma gene.

I would definitely seek the advice of a vet or possibly other knowledgeable reptile keepers as well before culling. I say knowledgeable because not every vet is well versed in reptile care and the issue with spider gene can be over exaggerated by many yet other wobble morphs like your woma are not mentioned.

I think the more telling factors for these little ones is how badly it would affect everyday behaviors and eating more than righting themselves when purposely placed on their backs. If they are indeed tipping themselves over and not righting then yes, that’s a worry but if not they should be mostly okay.

Also, If you really are concerned about producing wobble offspring I would reconsider breeding this female again if she has produced wobbly woma offspring. Again, Woma is a wobble gene as well

Edit: kinking issues may be because it’s a double wobble morph breeding or incubator issue. Neither gene on it’s own is known to cause kinking.


Thanks for the rely.3 came out spider,and 2 woma.The woma ones have a very slight kink but no woobble.The spiders all have more severe kinks and terrible corckscrewing and wobble.One when it falls over lies motionless with its tongue sticking out.The Woma will not be bred again it will be kept as a pet.I have also had strong words with the person who paired them Regards Tony


@geordieroyalmorphs I am so glad you are planning to go that route. Some reptile vets work various with rescue organizations as does the one I worked for. There may be rescue groups available to take your little BP noodles in to rehome……


I would be inclined to think that the kinking was from an incubation issue. Not the issue of the spider/woma pairing.

Sorry to hear you had some bad luck with this unplanned pairing/clutch. Never a good thing to have to deal with.


@geordieroyalmorphs I’m so sorry you are going through this Tony. Obviously this is not your fault and just an all around misfortunate situation. It sounds like you really care about these little animals and now you are faced with quite a responsibility to them to do the right/best thing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to this community for any further advice or consoling words. You will NOT be judged.

God bless you Tony and best regards

Caron :heart::pray:


Thank you for you’re kind words very much appriciated


Agree with you about the kinking,we did have a short power outage ,i tried to keep the incubater temp up by wrapping it in a quilt ,obviously did’nt work well enough r3gards Tony


Would really like to thank the community for all the help and kind words on my post ,great community im proud to be part of kindest regards Tony :wink: :heart: :heart: :heart: