Genetics? And deeper red

Can anybody tell what genetics you see and will it get redder as time goes on


@westridge is good on the dragon genetics game. Maybe she can answer… :crossed_fingers:

What did you purchase s/he as?

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At first glance it looks like a high-color normal. Does it have completely clear nails or normal (two-tone) nails?


Clear nails

Theres its nails

It looks like it may be a Hypo.

I have other people tell me is either a red tiger or tangerine tiger because of the bars in it

Theres a better pic

Tiger is not actually a morph. It’s just a description of any dragon with strong bars.

Ah ok i did not know that. Do the black lines on its ribs mean anything important

They are strong enough that you could call it a Tiger.

Nice im excited to see how he progresses with color as he gets older. His tail gets very light towards the end and his legs are extreamly light so im curious to see what happens with that.

They can change quite a lot as they grow, and yours still has plenty of growing to do.

What im hoping for is a nice red. While he growing i can decide if i want to breed them and if so what i want to achive in breeding

He has good potential, IMO.