Genetics Ball Python Morphs

Hello everyone. I’m new here and have recently gotten onto these wonderful snakes. Have been doing as much research as I can to learn the genetics. This is trippy. I recently picked up a male pastel, spider, leopard yellowbelly. That also had the " or HET red acanthus.
When I use the calculator and add this why do I get a VPI instead of an SK? I have learned you can’t mix any of the 3. Please excuse all the questions I will ask in the near future. :slight_smile: BTW. How do you add a file pic so I can show you all my new little guy Elric. Also picked up a nice pastel enchi for his first wife. Lol

I would guess that the calculator defaults to VPI. But you are able to specifically select TSK Ax from the drop-down


Thank you. Heard lots of flaws with breeding the spider gene. Lots of wobble but doesn’t affect the health of the little guy. This is a very interesting hobby for me. Would value any input on the types of females to use with this one? This is for my own education and enjoyment. Can’t wait till they are bigger. The used to have one, so I bought her a baby normal 3 months ago. Lol . Even went to my first Repticon show last week.

Welcome to the community! Did you mean Het Red Axanthic? If so, then it actually isn’t a recessive gene but an incomplete dominant gene, we should be able to tell you if it’s Het Red Axanthic once you upload a picture. If you want to upload a picture, all you have to do is look to the bottom right of the text box and click on the little landscape picture that’s beside the computer monitor icon, then you just choose the photo that you want to use.


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Here you go. Hope this is bright enough.
When I got him he was listed as
Pastel, spider, leopard, yellowbelly or HET Red Axthanic. Also just picked one up that was only called
Lesser. I’ll load pic. Maybe you all can figure what type of lesser she is.? Lol

Yeah, that looks like a lesser

It definitely seems to be a Pastel Spider Leopard at the very least. Now I’m not an expert by any means, especially when it comes to Yellow Belly and Het Red Axanthic (I don’t have any Het Red Axanthic in my collection and only one Yellow Belly), so maybe someone else can help with that. For your second snake, it looks like a regular Lesser. They are both really pretty snakes.

Thank you. Really appreciate all the input. What started out as only having a normal has turned into Frankensteins creation. My own little hobby learning about genetics and breeding. Trying to figure which lesser male would be best suited to make a BEL.
Thinking a Lesser Mojave would be nice or a Russo?

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Oh!! BTW. 4 pythons in 2 months and 1 red tail boa!! This guy is my buddy!!! Lol
A 4’ Cali king and an albino Cali king

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