Genetics calculator phenotype filter [2047]

I’d like to suggest one small feature to add to the genetics calculators, generally.

Add a toggle or other conditional state (checkbox, radio button, whatever) to allow users to filter out the genotype (recessive hets, and het probabilities) from the phenotype in the results table. I don’t see any UI functionality to show only the resultant phenotypes, which I suppose would have to include visual hets (dominant/incomplete dominant to wild type) and I’m sure there are edge cases there, Palmetto Corn hets come to mind. Maybe this isn’t as easy as I first thought. :wink:

Take for example, these results.
I’d like to be able to show only those traits that would be visible, skipping hets and poss hets. How many visual caramel motleys, with or without any other traits visible, regardless of hets. Filtering out only the het probability results might be useful too, to show only the 100% hets and visual phenotypes. Now I’m scope creeping, pardon me.

Filtering by phenotype would make the results tables a bit more readable, and perhaps more useful as a quick overview for folks making breeding plans with the calculators. If it can be implemented without too much fuss I think it would get used. I think it is something a lot of folks other than myself will find helpful.

If this feature exists, I did not find it to be discoverable.

I really really really love the work MorphMarket is doing, every day I find new features that I hadn’t previously noticed. Bra to the vo, y’all. Bravo! Encore! And thanks for reading this tenuously coherent request.


So I may be misunderstanding here…

You can filter the results to show visuals at the top of the list by using the “%” column filter at the top to show from lowest to highest.

Hets should always have a higher chance of being produced than visuals.

I’m I even on the same ship here??? :ship:
Rereading I’m pretty sure I’m off the mark here… :grimacing:

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I thought it would convenient if we could omit anything that wasn’t visual as an option.

Not sure why it took so many words to say so, before.

If this is added I do think it should be discrete enough to not be hit by accident and giving people results that may not be accurate.

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Good point, I don’t want it to spike your support requests.

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