Genetics calculators

There was an old post that was up for a while about genetics calculators. I had the opportunity to sit down and try to make one. So far it just does dominants.

I was curious what else calculators like these could be useful for. Ball pythons, corn snakes… what else? It could be fun to try to make data sources for a generic calculator.

Sample all in a node module:

$ ./gene-calc.js
Pair male [ ‘bamboo’ ]
Pair female [ ‘pastel’, ‘calico’ ]
12.5% bamboo
12.5% bamboo, calico, pastel
12.5% bamboo, pastel
12.5% bamboo, calico
12.5% pastel
12.5% pastel, calico
12.5% calico
12.5% normal
8 combinations

We already have a BP genetics calculator that is pretty good through MM

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MM’s is great. There’s also one on WoBP. :wink:

Dozens and dozens of hobby coders have also made them in various languages to learn about probability.

The reason that this one is a node module is to facilitate use elsewhere and even in other spheres (I think rats were mentioned previously). Afaik, both of the examples above are embedded server side. How nice would it be to have something reusable and interchangeable?

In the same manner as there being room for “one more Discourse forum” there’s certainly room for one more gene calculator. :slight_smile:

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Just my 2 cents on the topic, not the idea.

I think trying to crowdsource a “competitor” to Morphmarkets calculator on Morphmarket Community might be a little cheeky :grin: but I fear I’m missing the point and that may not be your intentions.

I like the idea of using it for other reptiles/animals in general, but for the ones that already exist I don’t see much point of recreating them. However I think a lot of other categories would be extremely grateful of a calculator, such as turtles, frogs, lizards.

What ideas do you have in the pipeline?

Oh no! It’s certainly not a competitor. That’s like comparing a a tennis ball to a Tesla vehicle because they both roll. :slight_smile:

The actual genetics calculator on MorphMarket is much much more than just a probability calculator.

Finding the probability of genes isn’t difficult. It’s just probability. If you’ve seen the Punnett squares you’ll recognize them as just an easy way to do math. There is nothing special about predicting Enchi + Normal = 50% Enchi. It’s the same as rolling 1 six sided die = 1 in 6 chance of a specific number.

The thing that makes the calculator on MorphMarket so valuable is not only can it do math but you also have links to content that will show you what Enchi looks like based on other listings. That content is more valuable than knowing the calculation. It’s also super convenient that it’s built into the site you’re using, anyway, giving you all the more reason to stick around.

The node module I was working on is just math. The reason I was working on it was 1) to learn and play, 2) someone mentioned one for rats, 3) to help other sites with content like MorphMarket add a fun tool to their site to show off fancy rats (or goldfish or whatever they have).

Tennis ball vs Tesla because they both roll. :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get some ideas like other rats, lizards, snakes, etc (just like you mentioned) that don’t yet have one, develop it up, and throw it out into open source land with an easy way to switch out “Enchi” with “floppy purple ear” (or whatever goldfish have, I have no idea). It would be up to the site to provide their own content so that users can see what a floppy purple ear goldfish looks like.

It’s like a six sided die that you can paint things other than numbers on. If you painted horror movie monsters on it you’d have a 1 in 6 chance of rolling a Creature from the Black Lagoon. :slight_smile:

Just a probability tool.

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Right I get you now, sorry about that. :grin:

If you were to stick it on here when done, I would guarantee quite a few people would really appreciate :+1:there have been a lot of requests for a calculator of different species.

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