Genetics help for hatchlings

So I’m trying to decide on which of these two females is going to stay with me, and I’m hoping to get some clarification.

I posted pics of the entire clutch back when they all shed out, and I thought I had a good understanding of the genes in play, however with the aging and coloring up significantly, I’m wanting another set of opinions on these two…

Originally, this snake was ID’d as bamboo calico pin YB.

And this snake was ID’d as bamboo calico pin (no YB)

And then just for sake of questioning here is a pic of them side by side…

I’m just hoping to better understand what role yb is playing here, assuming original ID’s are correct. Is yellowbelly completely getting rid of that grey/purple coloration down the side of the snake? Giving the more golden look of the snake in the first image? Is it blowing up the pinstripe pattern down the snakes back and causing it to bleed more down the sides and fade?

Hoping to just further my understanding… thanks!!
@t_h_wyman tagging you because you helped with the original ID’s


Might help to have the genetics in the parents listed as well. Just in case something was missed initially.

Was this the Calico YB x Bamboo Pin?

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You’re right, I should’ve included that.

Yes, these are two hatchlings from the bamboo pin x calico YB Pairing

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I stick with my IDs :slight_smile:

What I am seeing that makes me believe YB is in the first:

  • The little headstamp is a trait of YB
  • The overall “brightening” of the colour
  • The reduced expression of the Calico
  • The intense blushing in the dark areas
  • The “jaggediness” to the Pin patterning
  • The reduction in the expression of the Pin patterning

That’s perfect, and I think I’m able to see it more as they’ve started to get more and more color to them. I just wanted to make sure I was able to better understand it and identify it for the future.

Thanks for confirming your ID’s!

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