Genetics in a new clutch

These were from a 1.0 Spinner Blast Lesser and a 0.1 Normal Volta. After seeing her clutch hatched I spoke with the previous owner to find out she had been bred just before purchase to a Pastave Pied as well. Trying to confirm the ID on the three snakes with the blue dots on their heads. I added the dots to clarify which snakes. Thank you kindly for your input!!


I would say you have a dual sired clutch. To me those look like pastel Mojave and pastel. But I’m not that experienced with identification of BP’s.
Just a guessing point of view.

I vote against dual-sired clutch. I don’t see any Mojaves. I would say, in the first picture, of the snakes with blue dots, top left is a Pastel, top right is a Lesser and bottom is a Lesser Pastel.

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I’m in agreement here.

Agreement here also.


Thanks for your input! Second set of eyes is always good, especially when you are new to ID’ing off your clutches.
2nd picture is of the same three snakes with a blue dot just put closer together for comparison. I originally thought the same as yourself but the patterning of two of them (with lesser) seems different. But admittedly, I could be wrong and that would be okay.

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