Genetics, mating and morphs

Hi, everyone, I’m new here.
I’m looking for explanation about breeding geckos and some dos and don’ts in breeding them.
I have 3 geckos to be mate, now they are arround 4months old, 2 are females, and 1 is male gecko.
They are all carrying Bell genetics.
The male one is sun glow bell, the first female is Bell Lavender, and the other female is RS Bell. They are all albinos.
My question is; can I mate them with another genes? Like Lemon frost Geckos, tangerines or enigmas? What if the other genes carying a tremper albino het, or rainwater albino het which I couldn’t easily know about it?
Many information that I had from my comunity here in this country, explained me that I couldn’t mate this 3 albinos: Tremper, Bell, and Rainwater.
Can somebody explain me?

The short version is the 3 strains of albino are not compatible with each other. It’s also next to impossible to tell them apart as hatchlings.
You can breed anything to anything just a bad idea to mix albino strains as no breeder would touch it. Would be a pet only.
If you want more details I can go into the long version just didn’t want to to type that much on my phone.

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Hi, @azoreptiles
How can I contact you? Please let me know. Thanks

Here is an excellent resource that goes into detail regarding morphs and the ethics of leo breeding.

Leopard gecko genetics

The basics:
-do not breed Lemon Frosts. The morph causes malignant cancer.
-do not mix albino strains (Bell, Tremper, Rainwater)
-do not mix snow strains unless you know what you’re doing (Mack, ‘linebred’/selectively bred, TUG, Gem)
-do not breed geckos unless you know their genetic background (you need to know if they are heterozygous for anything, as well as their bloodlines)
-(Personal opinion, the majority of hobbyists disagree with me) don’t inbreed

@mblaney, thanks for the explanation. I will take time to read it.

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I would also avoid breeding enigmas, they often develop severe neurological issues.

Here’s one source on that, if you want to read from more places just search enigma syndrome


I agree about avoiding breeding enigmas, especially if one is new to breeding leos. I feel like enigmas are the equivalent of spider morphs in ball pythons- beautiful and a major source of contention. Probably best to avoid for the time being.

I’ve heard/read variable things about W & Ys as well, but I don’t really know enough to speak much about it.


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