Genetics question from the begginer

Hi, at the very beginning I would like to point out that until I acquire all the knowledge that is needed to breed geckos I do not plan to do it. I am giving myself 1-2 years to learn and that’s where this post comes from.

Even at this early stage, I would like to choose an initial project for myself and prepare the animals for it. I currently own a male RAPTOR het Blizzard. As a first project I would like to try to create Diablo Blanco.

From my calculations it seems that in order to achieve a chance of creating this morph I should combine my RAPTOR het Blizzard with a female Blizzard het Tremper Albino het Eclipse.
Is this the only possible option so that there is a chance to achieve Diablo Blanco? Does a combination with only the Blizzard gene have no chance of success?

I am just starting to analyze the genetics of these animals hence my question may seem “silly”.
Thanks in advance for all the answers.


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The female would have to be at least triple het blizzard, tremper, and eclipse. A diablo blanco needs two copies of each of these traits as they are all recessive, so both parents must have at least one of each to pass down. A triple het female will only give you a 1/16 chance at a diablo blanco, if you get one that’s at least visual in one trait that will boost your odds. I always doodle half a million punnett squares when doing my breeding calculations, if you don’t already that really helps.


Oh my gosh, now I understand, thank you very much because it was hard for me to understand. I’m trying to understand Punnett squares but I wasn’t very good at biology (and yet with a large number of genes it is much more difficult ) in school so you can say I’m starting from scratch. This answer was incredibly helpful, thank you again!

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I’ve always been obsessed with genetics so I’m happy to help. I’m at work right now but I can sketch up some punnett squares for you when I get home to help you understand

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Would be great :smiley:
I really want to understand this topic and become great breeder one day haha
I can understand basic genetics but then its for example specimen with 3 hets im totally lost

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Ok, I’m not great at explaining things but I’ve drawn up a few punnett squares for you. When you draw one you put one parent’s genes at the top (in this case the dam), and the other’s genes on the side, then fill in the boxes. You can calculate one gene pair without worrying about the others.

W= Wildtype/normal, the default non-morph gene
t= tremper
b= blizzard
e= eclipse

As all of these morphs are recessive, you need two copies for it to be expressed. If it has one copy of W in that pair, it won’t express that recessive gene.

In this first one I focus on the tremper (t) gene, you can see the possible offspring of a tremper x het tremper pairing. Each parent has a 50/50 chance to pass on either of their genes. As the visual tremper sire has two tremper genes, he will always pass on one of them, while the dam could pass either her tremper or wildtype. The blue coloured squares are visually wildtype but het tremper offspring (Wt), and the pink squares are visual tremper (tt).
From this pairing you will get 1/2 tremper and 1/2 het tremper.

This next one is a tremper x tremper pairing. Both parents will always pass down one tremper gene, so all offspring will be tt
From this pairing you will get 1/1 tremper.

Here I show a tremper to wildtype pairing. As you can see, the offspring cannot inherit two copies of the tremper gene as the dam doesn’t have one to pass down. A diablo blanco must have two copies (tt), so this pairing can never produce one.
From this pairing you will get 1/1 het tremper

Here I switch over to the blizzard gene, and show a pairing between your het blizzard male and a het blizzard female. The pink square is visual blizzard. The three coloured blue are all visually wildtype, as they have a copy of the dominant wildtype gene, however you can see two of them are het blizzard (Wb) and the third isn’t (WW). The visual normals produced from this pairing would have a 66% chance of being het blizzard, but you can’t tell what they carry until you breed them, so they are all considered 66% pos het blizzard until proven.
From this pairing you will get 1/4 blizzard and 3/4 66% pos het blizzard

Your Raptor het blizzard’s genes look like: tt | ee | Wb
A diablo blanco’s genes look like: tt | ee | bb
A triple het’s genes look like: Wt | We | Wb

To figure out the possible offspring, draw a seperate punnet square for each pair of genes, then multiply the odds for each one.

I’m very tired so I don’t know how much sense this makes. If you want me to explain anything further or clarify then I’m happy to do so, you might have to wait until morning though.

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Wow, I don’t know what to say. Really thank you for explaining so thoroughly. Now I understand everything. I’m really grateful that you took the time to write this. I’m going to save the screen to my desktop so that I can remember this at any time.

I’ve only been on this forum for a few days but I’m really impressed with what kind of help I get from people. On the groups in my country it’s hard to get even 5% as good help as here.

Thanks once again!

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No problem, I had fun making this. If you come across anything else more complicated I can help you with that to, this is just the basics of recessive genes.

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