Genetics Testing Link on Dropdown Menu [Desktop]

Can we be expecting a section on our profile dropdown menus that will eventually lead us to the Genetics testing section of MorphMarket ?

I know eventually this special update will be changed with something else in the future, and right now there’s no clear indication anywhere on the MorphMarket website to find the genetics testing section:

It’s not even at the bottom of the site either:

edit; I want to note that the thing I am asking for is already on the app, and I’m asking when we might expect it on the desktop version. I am using APP version: 2022.10.18c00b


I think it would be good to show results on the dashboard in some way also …



I would never have thought to look there. I honestly expected it to show up under your user profile. Perhaps that might be a thing that can eventually happen if you’ve submitted sheds. I like @eaglereptiles of also having it somewhere on the dashboard.

Thank you though for pointing it out @john!