Getting organized ( slowly )

Im finally slowly getting my animal room organized. I was finally able to get a wire bakers rack but had to go pick it up at the post office because the mail carriers are lazy. Looks like i need 1 more rack since i can only fit 2 12x12x12 and possibly an 8x8. My animals have been getting better digs too. Im thinking of getting rid of my old sofa to make room for my animals and for my breeding project. I was looking at some rack systems for when the babies are born. Im just so leary of racks since my baby girl OC ( who’s not so baby anymore :joy: ) escaped twice. Rosys may be small but they are definitely strong and quite obviously smart.

Who has experience with rack systems for baby snakes? Do you ever get escapes? Like are they able to squeeze out or with strength push their tub out enough to escape? Im so paranoid now with her 2 escapes.

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