GHI and Mahogany ID questions

I’ve run into a bit of difficulty making 2 IDs on a clutch this year. The pairing was a repeat of a pairing from last year. Mahogany Pied X GHI het Pied. My odds were very good this time with 9 eggs and 10 healthy hatchlings (my first twins!). Also 6 were Pied and I finally made some GHI Mahogany Pieds! Here is the clutch after they shed:

I was able to ID 8 of them fairly easily but #5 and #6 are leaving me a bit unsure. First, here is another picture with #2 and #3 my GHI Mahogany Pieds:

I think #5 is a GHI Pied, but maybe just a Pied:

Finally the big question mark is #6. Originally I thought Mahogany Pied, but I’m wondering if this one might be GHI as well?

Finally here is a hatchling from the previous year, same pairing, that had a much smaller blackish spot.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Sorry, post cut off a bit. Here are 2 more pictures of #6

Thanks in advance for any help on this. Really hoping someone with GHI and/or Mahogany Pied experience can make a comment.

Thanks, Mike.


You are already doing way better than me at IDing so sorry to be no help. I’m trying to ID GHI mahogany without pied (one looks to be a het pied) and am not sure on what should be a much easier call.


If you scroll back to the group picture of my clutch number 22003 I have a GHI Mahogany het pied (#4) and a GHI het. pied (#1). Sometimes GHI Mahoganys aren’t as high expression as my #4, but they do look quite different than GHI by itself.

Based on the pictures you posted, I see GHI and no Mahogany. Just my opinion, but I hope that helps.


If it helps, here’s pictures of my GHI mahogany girl (no pied/het pied) in some different lighting


I am a SUCKER for dark morphs and wow, just so much beauty there! I love them!


Thanks! Hopefully I can hit the GHI mahogany combo in the next couple clutches.

Did anyone find a sure way to ID mahogany in pied? I hatched this 1.1 today.


Beautiful! Stunning! I absolutely LOVE pieds and Mahogany! I have both in my little collection along with my highways! I’m interested in knowing the answer to your question too @rlremington


I’ve already seen some pictures of darker mahogany pieds so I’m worried mine aren’t. Hopefully Dr Seidel can come up with a mahogany test soon. Send in those Suma sheds especially anyone who has them!


Thinking I might have finally hit GHI mahogany with these 1.1 hatched yesterday. The pastel is the female.

Anyone know where the 2021 abyss ended up and how it’s doing? Have there been any more mahogany Suma (super mahogany) produced yet?


Hatched a male I think is GHI mahogany pastel too. Going to test him for het pied as I can’t really see het pied markers in the pastels for some reason. Really wishing he had been another female holdback.


I don’t know who bought the Abyss, but I’m sure someone has produced more this year. I have one late season pairing (GHI Mahogany Pied X GHI Mahogany Het. Pied) that may give me some. Also may get lucky and make the first Abyss Pied! I know there are a few of us that are trying to make that.


Good luck on hitting abyss or abyss pied!

I think I did finally hatch a male GHI mahogany hopefully het pied but still trying for a female and then minimum 2 years to grow her up…