GHI Banana Female

What morph would you suggest to breed with GHI Banana Female?

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Keep in mind if you actually want to breed. Too many breeders breed just to breed without actually working towards a goal or purpose. If you are prepared for the work, expense, and risk then I have details below.

First find what you like and chose a male that will produce offspring that you enjoy or work towards a project goal (especially with recessive genes). Use the MorphMarket calculator to see what genetics will show up in the offspring. Dominant traits will show up in the offspring (use the calculator for details). Recessives will show up as hets and won’t visually make a difference in the babies. You would have to breed the babies to another animal with the recessive gene to make recessives.


If you are intent to breed her and want to see where you might like to take her, go on MM and use the filter tool. Plug in GHI and Banana. Keep the gene count at 9 and select “All” for availability. This should bring up anything that was sold here that has those two genes plus what ever other combos, others have produced. See if any of that looks like something you would have an interest in producing. If none of that gets you excited, then start looking at other GHI combos or Banana combos and see what peaks your interest. Best of luck whatever you decide.


Just my preference:
Decide if you like bananas with specials or not or both, then breed accordingly.
Personally I like both extremes and am working towards that.
But with GHI you have many other options, Check GHI on MorphMarket and see what you like.