GHI color change

Anyone have any picture references on how GHI color change color from daytime to nighttime I read about this the other day and was wondering how true this was!?

From what I know they, along with other BP, don’t change color depending on the time of day. They “change” color depending on the lighting you have them in. They look different in natural light vs artificial light.


That’s what I was thinking just the light not actual color change. I just read about it so I was wondering how true it was. Thank you

Matt Leher (originator of the GHI) had documented that the morph does indeed undergo a colour change. Unfortunately, the thread with all the photos he had posted was on the BLBC forum which is dead and gone.

From my own animal, she cycles to a sort of Hypo-ish appearance about an hour or two after lights out. It is subtle on her but it is definitely a real thing. I have seen it more strongly in a few GHI Mojave combos.

I also see the fade in my BlkPastel Cypress Woma but there is no rhyme or reason to it with that combo. I can open the tub at 10a while changing paper in the tubs and have a black and grey snake then come back thirty minutes later when doing water bowls and have a brown, tan, buckskin and yellow snake… :man_shrugging:t4:


That’s crazy, do you believe this is due to the way the scales are positioned? … In the same sort of fashion that hairs on our arms stand on end when a breeze passes?


If I had to guess, I would think it is more probably a hormonal response of some kind


I’d say the color change could very well be caused by a similar process to what happens with breeding females doing the “glow before they go” thing.

As @t_h_wyman said, a hormonal change of sorts. Maybe this affect most or all ball pythons, but they’re only visible to our naked eye when it comes to certain morphs and morph combos.

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Thank you for that I was sure I read this was true thanks for bringing this to light!

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