Ghi pastel or ghi red het axanthic, what to choose?

For future breeding plans I want to buy one more girl. I was really planning on a ghi pastel girl. But now I saw a very nice ghi het red axanthic girl and I’m really confused now what would be the best choice in genes.

I have three males now, a leopard pastel mojave, a black pewter and a het red axanthic pinstripe lesser yellowbelly. I’m planning on a pied het albino this summer. But for this girl it’s mainly the first three that play a part in the desision. A ghi pastel girl would go great with all the males. The major benefit of pastel is it gives a serious chance on super pastel in the combo’s with the black pewter male and the leopard pastave and I really like the super pastels with the dark morphs. It almost makes them turn silver. And it will bring pastel to the red het male. But on the other side ghi het red axantic are known for their irodesence, can create red axanthic combo’s with the het red male, and there is still a lot of new combo’s to discover with this gene.

Now I’m really confused which one would be the best. Both I can pick up locally. The breeders both got to Houten and even if it get’s cancelled, the ghi het red axanthic is a one hour drive. Ghi pastel are more common so it will not be to difficult to find. They are both from november 2019, are both almost the same weight, both feed on frozen mice and are almost the same price.

So if you had to choose, which one would you all get?

I would personally get the GHI het red. Mostly because I am not a huge fan of pastel GHI. On top of that, the combo is less common and more likely to get you some nice sales.


I’d get the GHI HRA, to make Onyx and Red Axanthic combos.


I’d say GHI HRA simply because HRA messes with patterns :heart_eyes:
I currently have an Onyx and she changes with every shed!

Do you have a picture ? Or is it the one you bought recently?

Here are some pictures of her :slight_smile:


That is indeed a very beautifully snake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: concidering I have a black pewter baby boy GHI HRA really becomes more desirable by the minute. I also really love genes that mess with the pattern.

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