Just watched a video on YouTube from Brian Barczyk. It’s about Mojave and GHI and he’s stating that they are allelic. I don’t believe this is true, it was posted on June 26th. Or am I mis understanding what he’s saying. Watch entire video

Can anyone comment?

allelic means if breed
mojave ghi x pastel
you will only get mojave pastel and ghi pastel, ghi, pastel, mojave.
there will be no mojave ghi pastel will be produce.

He is stating that Mojave and ghi are allelic, so there will be no normals but this is false!

If you you breed a Mojave Pastel GHI to a normal you can hatch ALL combos including normals.

Even all the comments in the video state he’s wrong!

Mojave makes bels it allelic with the blue eyed Lucy complex. Ghi will not make a super form with any genes in the blue eyed complex.

So does that make Mojave and GHI allelic?

No mojave is alleic with the blue eyed complex ie butter, Russo, phantom, special and such. It is not allelic with ghi. If they were ghi mojave would be white.

So Brian is wrong in his video

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Yes they are not allelic.

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Thank you cause for a moment I almost crapped my pants because I’m huge into GHI and Mojave in my collection.

Thank you :+1:t2:

Also the existence of super GHI mojaves prove they aren’t allelic

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Thank you

My jaw had temporarily hit the floor watching Brian’s video from a week ago and I’m like

WTF did I miss something! :laughing:

Please can you link the video?

Idk if this works but I copied it from YouTube

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