Ghost buyers

Hey all! Does anybody else on here get a ton of inquiries on their animals and then get ghosted? I have people that send me 1 message and then I send a reply and they disappear. Or we get all the way to me sending my PayPal link and…nothing. Hello? Um…hello? I guess you’re not interested anymore…lol! It just seems odd. Thanks for reading. I would love to hear some of your experiences too.


Well, I have always wondered why people do that… That is soooo rude. Waisting your time, and buyers own time. If you really want animal, just buy the da*n animal :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::joy:🤷


Happens all the time. Just part of being a seller.


Welcome to the wonderful world of online selling :rofl: :rofl:


It’s just weird. Why do people waste their time?


If I had $1 every time it happened or someone said I have to ask my wife after answering all questions and than :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:, I would not need to sell snakes :rofl:


I’ve gotten that too lol! Or people asking to put a deposit down on a $100 snake. 🤦


Would it be possible/wanted to have a “final chance” prompt that sellers could send to a buyer as a “I’m going to close this enquiry soon, and it will mark you as a time waster on your buyers rating”?

All it would take from the buyer would be a simple reply of “I’m no longer interested in this animal” to avoid the mark on their rating.


That’s sounds like a car salesman at that point making the seller sound pushy which I am pretty sure people hate (I know I hate high pressure sale people)

Look at it this way if you go to a store and try or ask question about “enter product here” it does not mean you have to buy said product, same with reptiles because you ask a bunch of questions does not mean you are under obligation of buying, sellers understand that and know it’s just part of selling.

There should never be any expectation on either part that because there is ongoing communication that the animal will sell or be sold to you.


That would be really nice! It would be fine if people just said they are deciding not to get the animal. If you are rude enough to not inform the seller that you are no longer interested you should be flagged. I’ve inquired about several snakes that I decided not to buy for various reasons and I simply told the seller that I wasn’t interested anymore because… It just comes down to respect.


I agree 97% percent. A lot of the people I deal with get to the part where they want to know how to pay or they ask for my PayPal link and then nothing. Meanwhile I have another potential customer waiting on the same snake. It just happened to me yesterday/today. I had a guy contact me about a snake. Right after I had a second guy inquire about the same snake saying he wanted it sooo bad and wanted to put down a deposit. I talked to the 1st guy who told me he was no longer interested and the 2nd guy got all the way up to asking me what my PayPal was. I sent him the link and he hasn’t responded in over 24 hours.


I wouldn’t say add a “feature” like that…

But most people aren’t effective salespeople in part because they aren’t willing to ASK for the sale. It’s uncomfortable, people don’t want to seem “pushy,” so they don’t do anything that pushes themselves out of their comfort zone.

So all that to say if you believe in yourself and your product I definitely think you should be asking people to make a decision. Think about it this way, If they’ve already ghosted…that sale is already dead. If you’re willing to put the extra effort in to reach out one more time any that do come back around is just gravy.

There’s only so much time in a day, many breeders simply don’t have the time or don’t feel like that would be a good investment of time but if you don’t have dozens of clutches…go for it!


I 100% agree. If they ghost me after 1 message I forget about them. If we are in a legit conversation and they ghost me I tell them I need an answer by a certain timeframe. Especially if I have another customer interested.


By the time I contact a seller, I have decided to purchase the animal. The only animals I haven’t purchased were no longer available and I always thanked the seller for their time. It’s a matter of courtesy.


I applaud you. Thanks!


A medal for this one!


I think that right there. you nailed it, maybe it’s a matter of manners , how you were tought, brought up etc, but it really boils down to manners and communication. Than again I am old :roll_eyes: and from Europe, living in the states.


I noticed how much more polite and thoughtful everyone was when I visited England, France, and Italy. However, there are nice Americans too. It may be that snakes and reptiles attract a lot of younger people who haven’t learned to be civil. I must admit I am probably older then a lot of reptile buyers.


I will ask a question if im interested in an animal. Doesnt mean im buying it. Just means im interested and i need a little more info to consider it. Especially if im looking at several animals and trying to make a decision.


American’s aren’t known for being very nice lol! I agree with the age though.