Ghost morph Cal Kings (dark, light, albino, lavender)

Palomar Ghost is a single simple recessive gene that has been around for the better part of 30 years. Notoriously known for bad breedings, most breeders have steered clear of the project. There was once a time when you could only produce Ghosts from breeding het x het or ghost x het, and ghost x ghost always resulted in bad eggs.

WELL. Thanks to my hard work and dedication over the last 11 years, I have changed all of this, and its time people knew. The infertility problems that went hand in hand with the ghost morph are gone, my stuff has been outcrossed every which way - and into almost every morph possible.

Palomar Ghost is more simply referred to as Ghost or Dark Ghost these days. This is what the morph looks like with no other morphs mixed in.

Not really much to look at I know, Ghost is a hypermelanistic type style morph, makes the animals darker (some are nearly purple) and it changes the pattern a bit.

Now when you mix in the banana/high white trait to get these - Light Ghosts
(These can be pretty variable, much like normal banana/high white clutches, the best stuff will be made from line breeding)

When you mix Ghost with Albino you get Casper. Casper was one of the first combo morphs made with the Ghost gene. These are just patternless albinos and greatly resemble Blizzards (albino x hypermel combo).

When you mix Ghost with the Lavender morph you can get Pink Pearls. Still one of the more rare combos.

And when you mix Light Ghost with the vanishing stripe/mosaic trait you can get something like this…

Hands down my favorite Cal King morph, and theres still lots left to do. Im also working on Light Pink Pearls (ghost x banana x lavender) and Light Coral Ghosts (ghost x banana x hypo) the latter we may see next year.


Nice work!!! Id love to see this progress man! I also have some breeding plans in the future for this girl


I like the look of these, lol :joy:


Pink Pearls are one of my favorites. Nearly impossible to capture on camera, they glow neon green in natural light. Which is wild considering theyre purple and yellow


Thats cool. Looks like a normal.

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Yup!! Not sure what to pair her with in the future