Ghost or hypo to orange ghost

If I pair a 100% Het OG to my ghost female will all the babies that are hypo be OG or a mix of OG & regular hypo or what? How would that work?

I believe these are incompatible lines just as our calculator shows:

I had read that they are compatible somewhere but, who knows. I hope they are…

Some are and some are not. You won’t know until you breed them. If you get all normals then you will know they are double hets for both lines. I bet you get ghosts one way or another though!

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Most of the most commonly work with line are compatible.

I can tell you by experience that

Orange Ghost, Butterscotch, Bell Line Hypo are all compatible.

At this point when/if you sell them do so as Hypo and explain the lineage.


Good point on selling them. That way everything is open & clear.