Ghosts mixed up?

Hi guys, I am having a bit of trouble with the various genes named ghost and how they relate to each other, I think I have a handle on most, but the orange ghost in particular has me stumped, I’m going to lay out below what I think is right, and if someone can let me know if I have that much right or wrong, that would be great.

Desert Ghost: A simple recessive gene in it’s own right, nothing to do with Desert or Ghost

Desert: A morph where the females can’t breed, not related to Desert Ghost.

Ghost: A simple recessive gene AKA Hypo, AKA Hypo Ghost

True Ghost: A double recessive combination of Axanthic and Ghost AKA Hypo

If I have any of that wrong please correct me. And also, how does Orange Ghost fit into it? I know it’s recessive, but is it the same as Ghost/Hypo? A selective bred line? It’s own morph?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Pretty much everything you wrote is correct. The desert is an incomplete dominant not related to any of the recessives, or any other gene for that matter. OG, or orange ghost is another line of hypo (or ghost) that is also compatible with the common hypo/ghost recessive lines. A good OG animal will show a bit more orange in the homozygous form, hence the name.


Thanks very much. Is OG considered to be just a line within the Hypo morph, or are they considered to be 2 separate morphs that are an acts like super complex? Would there be a seperate name given for an animal that’s the product of an orange ghost and hypo crossed into each other?

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Orange ghost is a line of ghost/hypo

So is Bell, Butterscotch etc.

Most are compatible so you can have a Hypo come from pairing a Butterscotch to a Bell and take that offspring and pair it to an orange ghost and you will still produce more hypo/ghost except you won’t be working with a single specific line anymore which usually people don’t really care about so long what you work with is compatible with most commonly worked lines, they will just want the best looking animal and sometime crossing those lines allow you to do that.


But to add more confusion to the mix… There are at least three other lines of Hypo that are not compatible with the most common form and one of those (GCR-line) was a little bit pervasive a few years back.


We need to get a vote going on some of these names being changed :joy: it’s unnecessarily confusing.

Even Ghost-type-1, Ghost-type-2, Ghost-type-3… Would make it easier than its current state.